Isingiro District Revised Contingency Plan

Isingiro District Local Government is pleased to publish the second edition of the District Disaster Contingency Plan which is expected to be operational between FY 2022/3-2024/5. The DCP as a multi-hazard planning document is crucial for disaster preparedness and response in Isingiro District. However, it would not have been possible to review and update the document without the unrelenting support of certain individuals and Organizations.
First off, appreciation is extended to the District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) for the input of time, expertise and effort which has resulted into the successful reproduction of yet another edition of the DCP.

Secondly, we acknowledge the support of all District Partners particularly Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS), Belgium Red Cross, Netherlands Red Cross (with funding from European Union) for facilitating the process leading up to updating of the DCP. In the same vein, appreciation goes to the Office of The Prime Minister for the technical support provided during the development of the second edition.

Commendation is also extended to the Isingiro District Political Leadership and District Council for the usual support provided during the updating of the DCP.
Lastly, sincere appreciation goes to everyone who diligently participated in the process of updating the document which without their support would have been impossible.
May The Almighty God reward and bless you.

Asiimwe Alice Rushure
Chief Administrative Officer – Isingiro District

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Monday, April 3, 2023